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Cancellation Letter; Living With Obamacare

Cancellation Letter; Living With Obamacare

They are calling it a broken promise from the President and in an attempt to counter his words, the House passes the Keep Your Health Plan Act. The act allows a person to keep their private insurance until this time next year. It's estimated anywhere from fifty to seventy-five percent of Americans, who purchase insurance in the individual market, can expect to receive a cancellation letter over the next year due to the Affordable Care Act.

Today's Act passed by the House may help, but to people like, Mary Biever, they are already a part of that percentile. President Obama told Americans if they liked their health care plan, they could keep it. That promise, turns into apologies.

Millions of Americans have been notified that they will have their health care canceled as a result of Obamacare. "We got a letter and it was like, what are we going to do?" Mary Biever received a cancellation letter three weeks ago. "We did have good insurance, my husband and I own our own business," says Biever. Insurance played a major factor in Biever's life this past year. "It's been about a year since my heart attack," says Biever. "My insurance paid for everything from my hospitalization, stress tests, and prescriptions."

Congressman Larry Buschon brings Bievers's story to the House floor. "Mary, from Evansville Indiana, wrote to me about this very thing," says Buschon. "Our 'mom and pop' shop is going to become a 'pop' shop. I'm going back to into the work force so that I can work full time, and get coverage through an employer," says Biever.

701 Hoosiers successfully signed up for insurance on the federally run health insurance market place in the first month it was open, but Buschon says 108 thousand have had current plans canceled. The House passed a Keep Your Health Plan Act. Republicans say it will fix a broken promise, and allow a one year extension to let people keep their current plan.

"A lot of phone calls, a lot of worried clients, and a lot of people just throwing their hands up," says CCO of Double Eagle Insurance. Siegfried says that's the environment inside an insurance office. "It's just really hard to get over the anxiety that people are having, the issues that people are having, and just the not knowing with the changes that are happening every day, almost every hour," says Siegfried.

In one year a broken promise may be mended, and the bugs worked out, but for now Obamacare continues to make an impact, and not the way it had intended. "There's a lot of benefits that are going to be in this plan that will be covered, but I think it was too much too fast."

Thirty-nine democrats joined the Republican majority to pass the House bill, now it's headed to the Senate.

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