Cemetery Promises Fix for Veteran's Grave

Sharon Mattingly contacted Eyewitness News regarding the conditon of her veteran brother - Richard Mattingly's grave. Since then the cemetery has promised to fix it.
UPDATED STORY: Mattingly Family Grave Repaired

. - An Evansville woman is fighting for the memory of her brother. Sharon Mattingly's brother Richard served his country during the Vietnam War. He passed away earlier this year but, his family is still waiting for his headstone. Sharon says she's visited his grave almost weekly since his death in February and now nine months later it's still very much incomplete.

"It's a shame that this has to happened and it's Veteran's Day!" Sharon said. 

Richard Mattingly's final resting place is at Park Lawn Cemetery. He's a Veteran, not honored with a headstone but, an orange cone. His grave is still surrounded by a gaping hole and two wooden planks. His sister Sharon says it's been that way ever since he was buried.

"I want the darn hole filled like it's suppose to be! This isn't right! It's gotta be fixed! he's a Veteran and this just can't be," she added.

Mattingly says she's asked management to finish the job and as for the monument; she wants it up now. The family says they paid for it back in March. Sharon's son, Dennis visits the grave everyday.

"I think it's kind of careless for what their doing out here, especially with the monument deal. The fact that it was paid for almost six months or so ago and the new one has not been put up yet!", he said.

"I've been calling for like three months! The manager that was there; I get a different story each time!", Sharon said. 

Just as our Eyewitness News cameras were rolling the new Park Lawn manager, Steve Schwinghamer came to the site. He asked Eyewitness News to leave the property but he did take the opportunity to speak with the family. 

Schwinghamer says he's only been in charge of Park Lawn for one month and he promised the Mattingly's that he would look into the issue.
Sharon Mattingly said,"the man is genuinely talking the truth. He wasn't there when this all went on. In fact he said he didn't know about it until today. He's gonna get it taken care of immediately."

Sharon won't have to wait any longer to see if Park Lawn will keep their promise by memorializing her brother with dignity. Since Eyewitness News' airing of this story; numerous calls were made to the cemetery. 
Schwinghamer told Eyewitness News that Park Lawn workers filled the whole in Mattingly's grave this evening. They are also reordering and expediting the shipment of Richard's headstone with the approval of his family.  The Mattingly's will also be reimbursed the money they previously spent on the monument.

See updated images of the gravesite here.

Report by Fadia Patterson

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