Chandler Man Faces Embezzlement Charge

Chandler Man Faces Embezzlement Charge

Another embezzlement case strikes the Tristate. This one involves more than a hundred thousand dollars. Evansville police and the Secret Service arrest Richard Bogacki for allegedly making fraudulent mortgage deals with some clients. Police say it was during his time as Executive Director at Paragon Financial Services that Richard Bogacki embezzled money from numerous customers. The company served as a place for mortgage loans and credit services, now police are investigating the matter.

Embezzlement hits the area again this month. Another face could join the list for this type of crime streak that seems to be occurring a lot lately in Vanderburgh County. "Unfortunately, with technology, people have better ways to get a hold of your money, so, we see more cases coming up," says Evansville Police Sgt. Jason Cullum. Thirty-three year old, Richard Bogacki, faces an embezzlement charge after several people claim they were cheated. From debt settlements, to tax and rent payments, they are all services Bogacki promised to his clients, but according to the more than ten victims, he never did. "What we found in all these cases is, he accepted money in advance for the services, and then never provided the service," says Cullum.

Evansville police say the investigation has been going on for several months. Officials followed Bogacki's paper trail noticing a distinct pattern. "Instead of depositing the money in the accounts associated with the business's transactions, he was putting the money in his personal account, and then immediately cashing it out from his personal bank." Police believe Bogacki embezzled around 109 thousand dollars. As for the victims, it's even more bad news. "It's gone," says Cullum. A cash with drawl means they may never see their money again. "We're not exactly sure what he has done with that money at this point." Victims have a face with the crime. "He would meet face to face with them. There were contracts that were signed, there were checks that were written, cashiers checks were handled out at the bank," says Cullum.

EPD says so far it seems Bogacki acted alone, but the matter remains under investigation and more victims of the crime could surface. "The victims of this crime are aware they are missing money, but somebody else may have given him money for services and not even realized yet that he didn't provide the service." We reached out to the Bogacki family this evening they have no comment at this time. Richard Bogacki is being held in the Vanderburgh County Jail. This matter remains under investigation.


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