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Corydon Gathers In Hope After The Tornado

Corydon Gathers In Hope After The Tornado
A town gathers hoping to get back on their feet after a devastating EF3 tornado. Community members in Corydon, Kentucky hold a meeting to find a way to recover from the storm. Organizers say they got a lot accomplished, though they still have a long road ahead restoring the damage the storm left behind. They say tonight was a big step in the right direction.

It's been three weeks since an EF3 tornado left it's mark on the town of Corydon, Kentucky. Storm victims continue to restore their homes and lives, but people say help is still needed. "Tell us what we can do for you. It's their town, they just need to take care of one another," says John Evans.

A meeting was held by community churches, disaster relief agencies, and city officials in hopes to get the town back on it's feet. John Evans, with a local disaster organization, says it's the people of the Corydon that need to step up and come together to help each other. "We don't want to come in and say, we are going to do it for you. No, we are here to help, to assist. We want them to help each other," says Evans.

The idea to gather familiar faces, neighbors, and friends all lending a helping hand, worked. A plan to hold a town clean up day was put in place, community members stepped up forming committees, and suggested community benefits. "People are here with ideas, and with discussions about how we can organize and get closer to one another, and just care about one another. Go to house to house and see what we can do," says Sarah Posey.

She says coming together and finding a plan is a relief, especially after her son lost his home in the storm. "I think it makes people realize more that family, when you're in a small community, should help one another," says Posey.

Those needing help worked together with those wanting to help. A community coming together, after a tornado tore things apart. "The tornado may bring a lot of people together," says Posey.

A date for the town clean up day has not been set. Organizers say to contact the city of Corydon if you would like to help with any tornado recovery.

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