10 Injured in Collision with METS Bus

Evansville Police say a van ran a red light, broadsiding a METS bus. 10 were injured, four were taken to the hospital.
Two large vehicles collide in a heavyweight match of steel and glass at the intersection of Second and Sycamore in downtown Evansville. "It just happened real quick. (The van) hit right in the center of the bus. It's a good thing we were in a bus and not any other kind of smaller vehicle because it could've been alot more serious." Bill Nosko says he was on the bus and saw the van barreling towards the intersection even though he and Evansville Police say the van had a red light. "The light wasn't changing. We were coming through a completely green light," said Nosko.

A couple hundred feet away Brent Knight was getting out of his van behind the Old Post Office. "I heard almost like a big bomb is what it sounded like to me. Almost to the point where I almost took cover behind the van. That's how loud it was," said Knight.

Those nearby heard the collision and the whine of ambulances, but no one heard the screeching of brakes being applied right before the wreck took place. "I didn't hear any brakes and he was going what I would say pretty fast," said Nosko.

"There was no screech there was no anything other than a loud explosion. You can pretty well tell that nobody was trying to stop or anything like that," said Knight.

In all ten people were hurt. Four including the driver of the van were taken to the hospital. However all injuries are non-life threatening. Which surprises Knight who thought the wreck would result in someone losing their life. "From the distance I was, as loud as it was, as low rumble it was, and to come over here and you say that, that would shock me. Because it was loud," said Knight.
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