A Super Bowl Party is Nothing Without Good Food

It's one of the busiest catering days of the year...Super Bowl Sunday. Local restaurants prepare for football fans.
Sunday night the Seahawks and the Broncos play for the Lombardi Trophy. Locally, Lombardi's Pizza is also preparing for a big day. "People are calling in ordering 10 pies for their parties in spurts. So yeah we're going to be quite busy," said Bobby Aldinger of Lombardi's New York Pizza. "There's a lot of prep work involved. Chopping up the onions, and the green peppers, and making sure we got plenty of cheese," added Aldinger.
Pizza and football just seem to go together in America. The only thing that might be more popular is wings. "We're making 600 wings. We've probably got 450 of them sold," said Aldinger. Football is often compared to battle. One team imposing its will on the other. Lombardi's is preparing for a little chaos of their own. "When it gets busy it get fun. Everybody gets a little crazy and that's what we like," said Aldinger.
On the other side of Henderson. "We have really picked up today." Frank Gibson has had a long day of barbecuing. "I got here a little after four this morning." Thomason's Barbecue is closed on Sunday, making Saturday exceptionally busy. "Well we sold out of chickens today, sold a lit of ribs, and a lot of pork." Gibson says many buy the barbecue before game day and keep it cool until kick off. "We've had a few big jobs. I think there's one 30 lb. pork order." Gibson says January is a particularly slow month for barbecue and he's happy to get the extra business this time of year.
But if you ask him to explain why barbecue is so popular with football fans, he'd rather punt. "You know I'm not sure, but they seem to like it."
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