Account Executive

Entry-level:            Yes

Job Title:    Account Executive

Station Name & Mailing Address:  WEHT/WTVW

                                                          800 Marywood Dr

                                                          Henderson, KY 42420

Position reports to title: Director of Sales


If interested, mail or email resume to: Brent Butler

  Director of Sales


                                                              800 Marywood Dr

                                                              Henderson, KY 42420


Work hours schedule: various

Full Time: Yes

Exempt (not eligible for over time):

Non-exempt (eligible for over time): X

Part time __ and Number hours per week __

Brief description of duties & responsibilities:

1. Implements strategies to consistently grow revenue and exceed goals.

2. Makes sales calls on existing and prospective clients.

3. Prepares and delivers sales presentations to clients.

4. Develops advertising schedules with clients and station personnel.

5. Works with clients and station personnel to develops advertisements.

Work experience and education required for position:

1. Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Advertising, or Mass Communication, or a related field.

2. Valid driver's license with a good driving record.

3. Experience achieving long-range objectives and implementing strategies and actions to achieve them.

 The Account Executive must be able to sit, conduct telephone conversations, use electronic mail, write letters and memos, conduct face-to-face discussions with individuals or groups, make decisions with out supervision, make decisions that impact the results of co-workers, work in close proximity to others, work outdoors in all weather conditions, and work indoors in environmentally controlled conditions.

Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

If you have any questions, contact Terri Bush, Director Human Resources

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