Amid Public Bankruptcy Lt. Byram Dubs Wedding 'Sheriff of Sleaze'

Lt. Kirk Byram and Sheriff Dave Wedding will be squaring off for Vanderburgh County Sheriff in the upcoming election. After Lt. Byram's nearly $1,000,000 bankruptcy went public, Byram went on the offensive making strong statements against his boss and opponent.
According to US Bankruptcy Court documents Kirk Byram owed $976,268.30 in 2008. Much of his debt accumulated from two failed business ventures.
Some like Vanderburgh County Democratic Chairman Robert Faulkner believe a bankruptcy filing of that size makes Byram unfit to hold office as sheriff of Vanderburgh County.
"Especially running for the highest law enforcement office in the county. This isn't your garden variety bankruptcy," said Faulkner.

Documents show Byram owed $30,000 to a business partner and several hundreds of thousands spread out between credit unions and banks. What strikes Faulkner as strange is Byram owed his mother Charlene Byram more than $150,000 spread out between two loans.
"Your average business bankruptcy doesn't result in you walking away from a $150,00 loan from your mother," said Faulkner.
Byram responds by releasing a statement titled "Who do you want?" He calls Sheriff Dave Wedding the "Sheriff of Sleaze" and "Barney Fife" for accidentally discharging his service revolver during a training exercise.
"I think he became angry with the release of that record (bankruptcy) and has probably said things that if he had more time to think about he probably wouldn't have said those things," said Sheriff Wedding.
Even though Byram and Sheriff Wedding will be squaring off next election, as of now Sheriff Wedding is still Lt. Byram's work superior.
"I think what he has said is very inappropriate, but I really haven't thought about anything as far as discipline at this time. Especially due to the political nature of what was said." Sheriff Wedding says he refuses to go tit-for-tat with Byram's statement.

Lt. Byram says everything in his statement is true and he stands by calling Sheriff Wedding the "Sheriff of Sleaze."

"Obviously they were made, but they're truth. It's out there. You look the definition up and it's corruption. Corrupt in politics. Look that up, it's what that means. That's what we're trying to get rid of. 30 years plus of the same good ol' boy system, good ol' boy politics has got to go," said Lt. Byram.
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