Angie's List: DIY Tips

Spring is often the time for many home improvement projects, but if you do it yourself, know when to say when.
  Spring is often the time for many home improvement projects.
   Remodeling industry experts say some 43 million homeowners a year attempt a do-it-yourself project and an estimated 1 in 5 suffers an injury.
   Homeowner Sarah Saucedo fell in love with the look of black-painted interior doors after seeing pictures online.
   She had painted doors before and used spray paint, but her project turned out to be a huge mess. Saucedo removed the grid on the door and took it to the garage for priming, but when she returned she found her glass atrium door shattered in a million pieces on her back patio.
   Angie Hicks, creator of the Angie's List consumer website, says, "All of us will attempt DIY projects at some point in our life. Let's face it, it's fun. It's your house. You enjoy doing things to make it a better place, but you need to know whether you are getting yourself in over your head."
   Another important piece of DIY advice, don't settle for temporary fixes. Skipping steps or forcing things together may provide temporary solutions to short-term problems, but they often don't last.

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