Angie's List-Dog Training Tips

Getting a dog trained can help stop problem behaviors.
    Is a new puppy on your wish list this Christmas?
    You better be prepared.
    The Humane Society says up to 8 million pets are abandoned in U.S. shelters each year.
    Many times it's because owners are just too overwhelmed by bad behavior.
    Excessive barking, jumping, running away, pulling on a leash. They're all common problems with dogs and they're all problems that dog trainers can help stop. 
   Trainer Tiffany Lambert says, "It's really important to start addressing behavioral issues in dogs because you don't want it to become unmanageable and dangerous."
  Trainers can usually identify what's behind the behavior and even aggression problems and correct them.
   Carol Lowe, a pet owner, says, "Even though she looks more like a golden, her personality is more like a border collie, so then they tailored the training to that personality of a dog, and that's what has really helped so much."
   Training methods vary and classes can be taught in group or individual sessions. Some trainers will even take your dog for a few days or weeks and train them at a facility. Training a dog takes both the commitment from you and your pet.
   Keep in mind hiring a trainer is just like any other hiring situation. You need to make sure you're getting the quality you're paying for.
   Angie Hicks, creator of website Angie's List, says, "You need to do your homework because there is not a single source of licensing for pet trainers. How long have they been training and what is their experience with the type of animal that you have? How are they going to help you transition to being the one in charge with your pet?"
    Puppies can enroll in training as soon as they've had their necessary vaccines.  Angie's List also suggests talking with a veterinarian before hiring a trainer to rule out a physical cause for behavior issues.

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