Another Bout of Snow Causing Slick Roads

Much of the Tri-State enjoyed a beautiful sunny Saturday, but Sunday is a totally different story.
Tri-Staters in transit are encountering some tough road conditions. "We saw ice in Madisonville mainly and then snow up here." Jan Thomason was heading home to Newburgh from Atlanta. She says the roads started getting slick around Hopkinsville. "We had to slow down a lot. We saw six or seven cars that had slid off."
Dave Haun was on his way to Indianapolis from Alabama. "Started getting really bad on I-24, and then right when you turn on the Pennyrile coming north it was all snow covered." He too saw several slide offs traveling through south central Kentucky. "The on and off ramps, that's where most of the slide offs, and then people coming up spinning in traffic." He was passing through Henderson when sleet and ice had not yet changed over to snow. "Basically you can see on the truck that it's just covered with the ice, and that's what's on the road."
Austin Reed was heading in the opposite direction, driving from Evansville to Nashville, right through the slick areas. "I had no idea. We went from a beautiful day yesterday to this. So it really makes you appreciate summer a little more." He says he knew he was going to have trouble driving to Nashville before he even crossed over the Ohio River into Henderson. "It looked like a little bit of an accident right before I got on the birdge. The roads were somewhat dry, but you could tell it was getting worse."
Another bout of cold temperatures and snow in a winter that has been like none other. "There's been some nice winters here in the last few years so we forgot this kind of weather," said Haun. "It's been a very interesting winter, very cold winter, very different winter," said Thomason.

Kentucky State Police reports 14 slide offs and 7 accidents just at the Henderson Post as of 10:00 p.m. Sunday.
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