Beatlemania Revisits Tristate

Beatlemania sweeps through Evansville's north side in a concert that rocked the Auditorium at the Academy of Innovative studies Diamond Campus.
Beatlemania sweeps through Evansville's North side in a concert that rocked the auditorium at the academy of innovative studies diamond campus.Tonight's concert called "Come Together, Right Now with Liverpool Legends and EVSC"  featured a Beatles tribute band. The four-man band performed songs spanning the entire career of the Beatles and all band members were hand-picked by the sister of the late George Harrison. Earlier today the band rehearsed with  more than 100 EVSC students who accompanied them at tonight's concert. Sponsors  say fans in the River City still appreciate Beatle songs of yesterday.

"The thing that I look forward to the most is kind of going back in time and actually being able to see something like the Beatles you know. It's very rare you get an occasion like this  especially in Evansville you know. You usaully have to go where they play a lot; in Branson or Chicago or they played the Rose Bowl  a couple months ago. It's pretty amazing thing that they're here", said Brett Mulzer of moore music.
Tonight's concert was the first official event organized by EVSC friends and Alumni Association.

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