Behind the Badge - Charlie Conner

Boonville Firefighter Charlie Conner is honored in this week's Behind the Badge.
He's fostered over 30 children and was recently named the Firefighter of the Year in Boonville. A 24 year veteran firefighter, he treats everyone like family. "He really cares alot about his family and out on runs- he treats everyone the same- like with his family- it might be a stranger that he doesn't know and he takes care of them like it's somebody that he does know," Assistant Fire Chief Steven Byers says. 

Charlie Conner loves the town of Boonville and the people here. It's where he was born and raised.  And although Charlie's job is stressful, he excels at staying calm under pressure. "I can say out of all the years I've known Charlie, I've never seen him get upset or mad or excited about anything. No matter what the situation is, he always stays calm," Byers says.

Not only is he an inspiration to those he works with, but at home as well, where he's fostered over 30 kids. "They haven't had much in their lives, so we're here to help them out."  Right now, he's the foster parent of six. "On a daily basis- there are 15, 14, 9, 8, 7, 5, and then our grandbabies and the 3 year old we adopted." Charlie and his wife also watch a niece who has Spina Biffeda.  She's a major reason Charlie participates in Guns n' Hoses.
And whether it's in the boxing ring, fighting a fire, or as a parent, Charlie wants to leave a legacy of helping and loving others.  "Something to show- not just to my children, but other people that they're there to help and that's what they want to do."   
And so we salute Charlie Conner, the American Legion Boonville Post Firefighter of the Year, for serving his community, Behind the Badge.
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