Behind the Badge - Chris Pollard

Carmi Police Investigator Chris Pollard is honored in this week's Behind the Badge.
There's a police officer in Carmi who is making a big difference in his community through his faith. In this Behind the Badge, we meet Chris Pollard.
Carmi Police Investigator Chris Pollard spends his days looking for clues.  Through analyzing evidence, his objective is to find the truth and to provide closure to those affected by crimes, "Helping people has always been my heart, my passion. This is a job I feel like I can do that with."    But what Chris does when he's not at work also requires a lot of digging.
"Outside of work, I'm a pastor."
Through pastoring Freedom Chapel, Chris says his mission in life is to help others look at clues in their lives to find their calling. "They do have a purpose. Maybe they've gone down a path that they shouldn't have gone down, made a few mistakes, but there is still a purpose in life for them, and it's not too late to begin a new journey."
For Chris, faith is his number one priority and right below that is family, "My wife, the backbone of my family and I have four children."

Carmi Police Chief Randy Hamblin says, "Somehow, he does manage to balance it- and I think he does a tremendous job!"
Chris serves as the department's chaplain, and fellow officers say Chris is a good friend, loyal, and fun to work with. And through helping others find their purpose, Chris is hoping to leave a lasting legacy in his community.  "The more that we can help people find out who they are, and that we can let them know that there is a purpose and reason they exist, if they were to know that, the world would be a lot better off."
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