Behind the Badge - Leona Taft

Warrick County School Corporation Dispatcher Leona Taft is featured in Behind the Badge.
Many people across the Tri-state recognize her, but it's not her face that is familiar. In this week's Behind the Badge, we meet Warrick County bus dispatcher, Leona Taft.

This is the voice that so many recognize. "Anybody in this building who walks in this office knows who she is by her voice- you can't miss her!"  And in Leona Taft's career, a distinctive voice is a gift.  "I've known for many years I had a voice that was different from everybody else's. So they hear me on the radio- they say I know that, that's Leona."

Leona is the Warrick County School Corporation Dispatcher, and it's a job she doesn't take lightly.  Leona's job is stressful. She's tasked with keeping kids who ride the school bus safe.  She also fills in as a backup bus driver when needed.  "The thing that scares us the most is when we can't find a child. We are not leaving here until we know that child is home and safe."

Leona's been doing this for 14 years and she says she- and her voice- are here to stay. "There's no guarantee in this world of how long you're going to be here, but I'll be here as long as I'm able to do it and they want me!"
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