Behind the Badge - Lester Garrett

German Township volunteer firefighter Lester Garrett is honored in Behind the Badge.
He's been with the German Township Fire Department for half a century.  In this week's Behind the Badge, we introduce you to Lester Garrett.

"I still think I'm younger than what I am." And meeting Lester Garrett, you'd probably think that too.  He's retired from the plastic and automotive industries, but he's still going strong as a volunteer firefighter with German Township, with 50 years under his belt.
"He's been here forever, from when you had to build your own fire trucks to when you bought your own trucks!" Lester can tell you all about the department- in fact, he helped build it!
"He put a lot of hours, a tremendous amount of hours in building the station- literally building the station."
For Lester, the men and women here are family, "We're all brothers and sisters in the fire department. It's brothers first, we're always looking after each other."  And Lester takes that to heart, "Everyone sees him as the mentor on the department.  He's the older generation on the department- he's got all the stories, all the secrets, he has all the information to help us younger guys be successful!"

Lester is father, grandfather, and great grandfather, and he and his wife have visited every state in the continental United States. "For about 20 years, me and my wife traveled the us, vacationing and taking 2 weeks at a time."
But during the other 50 weeks of the year, Lester is hard at work, responding to almost 90% of the station's 500 calls a year, work that is far from easy. "I got it in my mind that I can still do all these things."
We salute Lester Garrett for his 50 years of serving his community Behind the Badge.
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