Behind the Badge with Galen & Linda Acton

We highlight the hard work and dedication of two local school crossing guards.

As kids at Caze Elementary School begin their summer vacations, they may be reminiscing about the people who made their school year memorable.

2 people who helped keep the kids safe this year are school crossing guards, Galen and Linda Acton.

Galen and Linda spend their days whistle in hand and eyes on the tiny feet crossing the road.

They say traffic isn't the only obstacle.

"The only bad things about the job are the traffic and the weather."

But the kids, they say, make it all worth it.

"They'll come in the first of the year, little tiny guys. Then before it's over with, they are almost as tall as you are, it seems like."

Galen and Linda moved here from Owensboro 13 years ago after they had retired. Galen from Alcoa and Linda from a school cafeteria.

They did it to be closer to their only grandson. They have two sons.

Church is also very important to them. They attend, and are very active in, Vann Avenue Baptist Church

Through their daily work. they hope to help put a little sunshine in the lives of the kids they help protect.

So we salute Galen and Linda Acton for serving their community, Behind the Badge. 

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