Blooming Trees Means Pollen Arrives in the Tristate

Spring brings warm temperatures for all, but headaches for allergy sufferers.

Trees are beginning to bloom and pollen is in full force, meaning your allergies may be, too. Traces of those yellow allergens can already be seen on some cars, meaning pollen is blowing around the tristate. For those who suffer from allergies, spring can be one of the worst times of the year.

Dr. Majed Koleilat, who is an allergist at Deaconess Health Group, finds himself busy this time of year as people are looking for relief. He says that just this past week, he has seen a significant increase in patients with allergy symptoms. When pollen gets into the eyes and nose, the body releases a chemical called histamine, which increases symptoms, such as sneezing, increased mucus, and itchy eyes. The body doesn't know how to deal with pollen, so it chooses to release those histamines as it's only choice

Naturally, you want to get rid of those symptoms, so you may head to a pharmacy in search for relief. Dr. Koleilat recommends long acting antihistamines, such as Allegra, Zyrtec, or Claritin to his patients. One item he doesn't suggest is nasal spray decongestants. He says that the decongestants can become addictive and the longer you use it, the more medication you'll have to spray into your nose for it to become effective.

Dr. Koleilat says the best advice he can give patients is to stay indoors, which is hard to do this time of the year, but also take medications, such as the long-acting antihistamines, and wash your hands and your clothes when you go back indoors to remove the pollen.

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