UPDATE: Boonville High School Reopens Tuesday

UPDATE: The storms that rolled through Friday damaged the building so much that classes had to be cancelled for Monday.
UPDATE: Boonville High school resumes normal schedule Tuesday.

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Clean-up continues at Boonville High School after Friday night's storms tore through its campus.
And because of that, Boonville High School will be closed Monday.
But every other Warrick County school will be open.

About thirteen people worked to take out all of the ceiling tiles in the classrooms and hallways that were damaged after a portion of the school's roof blew off.
Some were organizing waterlogged computers and printers so they can be assessed by the insurance company.

Manager Custodian for the Warrick County School Corporation, Rick Madden, says he's proud of the progress they've made since Friday; and expects to finish taking out all of the celing tiles Sunday.

Several athletic fields were also affected by the storm.
The football scoreboard snapped in half and fencing was damaged in the baseball field.
Boonville High School Athletic Director, Kevin Davis, says they hope to have the baseball field fixed for senior night on Thursday.

The third base dugout at the softball field was wiped out and the bleachers will have to be reconstructed.
We're told the pole vault pit that landed on the roof of the high school has been removed.

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