Busiest Day of the Year for Animal Shelters

For many the 4th of July is for celebrating and for animal control the 5th of July is for capturing.
While many stood in 'awe' at the firework show over the Evansville riverfront K-9's like "C" were running wild.

"Ain't that right C," said Donald Craig.

"C" is just the dog's temporary name. Craig found her running in the road near Columbia and Governor last night and brought her to the animal shelter this afternoon. "It was late. It was like right when the fireworks were going off. It was like 10-10:30 last night." Craig thinks the boom of the fireworks spooked C into retreat. "Everytime they went off she jumped. Somebody scared her real bad, she must've took off running."

But C was not to only pooch on the loose last night. "July 5th is typically the highest intake date for strays and the highest volume of calls for animals that are either lost or found." Amanda Bienhaus says the Humane Society has received several calls this week, but rather tame compared to other years. "I'm sure animal control has been inundated as well."

While most celebrated with fireworks last night, there are always leftover fireworks, and more are sure to come in the following days. Which means more dogs will likely be on the loose. "Please keep them inside. Do not take them down to the riverfront fireworks with you. Don't take them to the neighbor's if you guys are going to be setting off fireworks. If you do please keep them inside. Make sure that their collar is tightly fitted. Please make sure they have proper identification on at all times," said Bienhaus.

Vanderburgh County Humane Society: 812-426-2563

Vanderburgh County Animal Control: (812) 435-6015
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