Calloway Found Guilty for Role in 1993 Death

Debra Calloway was convicted in her role in the disappearance and death of Patricia Calloway in 1993.


A jury has delivered its verdict in an Ohio County death investigation.

60 year-old Debra Calloway was found guilty of facilitating a murder, retaliation, and tampering with evidence.

Investigators initially charged Calloway with murder, kidnapping, and other charges related to the death of her ex-sister-in-law, Patricia Calloway in 1993. She was one of two charged in the case. Her husband, Vernon, was also charged, but died while awaiting trial last year.  A jury sentenced her to a total of 11 years in prison.  A judge will formally sentence her on September 4th.


One of the key players in this case, the victim's ex-husband Larry Calloway, pleaded guilty to arson in 1995.

Yesterday he testified that Debra was there when he and her husband Vernon discussed burning down the house and collecting the insurance money.

Shortly after that last night, state police arrested him on a separate charge of sexual abuse. The arrest is not related to his ex-wife's death.

Larry Calloway is accused of sexually abusing a child under the age of 12.

The allegations stem back to 1999 when the victim says he had sexual relations with her.

Kentucky State Police began the investigation just two weeks ago.

He's being held in the Ohio County Detention Center tonight.

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