Can Insects Survive the Cold Winter?

Joe Bird finds out if the cold weather affects how many insects we see during the warmer months.

        One advantage to winter is not having to deal with insects.  We've had our fair share of ice, snow, and very cold temperatures this winter, but does that mean we're going to see fewer insects in the coming months? Surprisingly, cold weather doesn't have as much of an impact as you may think.

        According to Julie McDonald at the Audubon State Park, there are some species that are more tolerant and used to extreme colds, so they'll still hatch out and do just fine when the warm temperatures arrive. Even more interesting, is insects like ladybugs sense the cold weather is coming and move indoors as a substitute to living in logs.

        Colder temperatures prevent insects from hatching, but they'll soon be on the way and don't mind taking up residence inside your home. There are a few ways to keep your home insect free. One being keeping moisture away from the house. Insects are attracted to moisture and try to get to water. Another way is to fill any cracks or crevices you might have in your home's foundation.

    Once insects hatch, another task we face is protecting ourselves from them. According to Keith Goy at the Vanderburgh Health Department, insects such as mosquitoes can carry Saint Louis Encephalitis and West Nile virus. One way to protect yourself is to wear lighter clothing. The lighter colored clothes don't make your silhouette stand out as much.

    So while it may be hard to say, enjoy the cold weather while it lasts, because as soon as warm weather arrives, insects will be on the move.

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