Candlelight Vigil For Five Missing Tri-State Women

Five tristate women remain missing. Family and friends hold a vigil in their honor.
The light from hundreds of candles fill the air in Warrick County.

Five Tri-State women remain missing. Family and friends hold a vigil in their honor.

"It's like, where could they possibly be?" says Ashleigh Shanks.

They all have a different story.

They're all from a different town.

Five women who are missing from the Tri-State have one think in common, their loved ones hoping for them to return home.
"We may be upset, and then the next minute, there may be anger, and then the next minute it's devastation." says Shanks.

The glow of candlelight fills a void.

Ashleigh Shanks says tonight was important for the community.

"We're here to lean on, we're here to love each other, we're hear if you need to talk. Just keep the hope up
and keep everybody going," says Shanks.

The news that friend Kristy Kelley vanished without a trace, now leaves an eerie feeling to many in her home town of Boonville.

"Being in such a small town you don't ever expect anything like this," says Shanks.

"Scared, you know, petrified," says Amy Willis.

Willis says tonight's vigil helps the community heal, but it also sends out a warning.

"To make other young women realized that it can happen to anybody, anywhere, anytime," says Willis.

They sing, they pray, and behind every candle is someone missing one of these five women.

"The police have said, they don't know that these are related, but it seems like an awful lot of missing young ladies, and that's what's scary," says Willis.


The five women missing are:

Ashley Higgs - missing from Owensboro, Kentucky

Megan Nichols -- missing from Fairfield, Illinois

Joelle Lockwood -- missing from Evansville, Indiana

Dara Fine - missing from Gibson County, Indiana

Kristy Kelley -- missing from Boonville, Indiana


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