Chad Watson Leans on Faith for Overcoming Tragic Adversity

Watson lost his wife and eight children in a house fire last month in Muhlenberg County. Many in the community have supported him since then. He was able to thank some of those people today publicly while celebrating the life of his passed loved ones.
"That night I felt it all taken away from me. Ripped out of my hands." Chad watson, a man who lost his wife and eight children in a fire, bravely opens up about the night it happened. "That night running around in the neighbor's living room chasing my daughter as we saw flesh dripping of our hands. All I could think of was where else am I going to go?" Watson went to the only place he knew he could find comfort, to God. "They're being taken home and the only one who can stop it is allowing it to happen, but where am I going to go? To who else will I turn? He has the words of eternal life."
"Unbelievable strength for Chad to stand (up there). I can't imagine getting up in front of there. I just can't." Gary and Terese Williams live about a mile from where Watson lost nearly everything. "I think today helped the community as well as them." The Williams' say the community needed closure as well, and needed to see and hear Chad to know he was doing okay. "He sounded great. He has a great faith in the Lord."
It is his great faith that makes coping possible and his love for spreading the word continual. "When tragedy strikes we can say the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away," said Watson.

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