cMoe's "Live Well" Exhibit Opens to the Public

cMoe's "Live Well" Exhibit Opens to the Public
The focus of the LIVE WELL Gallery is to provide information to build health literacy and personal responsibility for wellness. In EAT WELL, visitors will discover ways to be strong and healthy. They can prepare fresh food in the Rainbow Bistro, plant and harvest veggies and fruits, and sell them in the Fresh Produce Farm stand. The PLAY WELL giant Carrot Climber will delight visitors as they actively move and climb, going higher and higher. There are challenges waiting to be discovered that will keep minds and bodies fit in the Backyard Challenges. Visitors will find ways to STAY WELL and learn about their bodies in the Well Check Clinic. As a cMoe Roving Reporter in the BE WELL WBWL TV studio, visitors can broadcast health news in their choice of six scenes showing different ways to be healthy. SunSmart offers many ways to discover the importance of playing it safe in the sun while having fun outside. The wide range of experiences in this new gallery are sure to impact the health of visitors and the community while exploring how to Live Well. Live Well will be open until 4:00 p.m. with exciting fitness challenges throughout the day.

The Live Well gallery is supported by a grant from the Welborn Baptist Foundation, Inc. It is additionally sponsored by Deaconess Hospital and the Diehl Family and Friends.

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