Corne Out as Judge Candidate

Former Warrick County Prosecutor Todd Corne is dropping out of the race for Warrick County Circuit Court Judge.
Former Warrick County Prosecutor, Todd Corne, announced on Tuesday, he has decided to end his run as the Republican candidate for Warrick County Circuit Court Judge.

In a release sent to Eyewitness News, Corne cites his desire to bring his family closer together.  Corne's wife, Kelly, is the Prosecuting Attorney in Spencer County.  He says after they married several years ago, the decision was made to continue their separate professional lives, which meant living apart.

"We made the decision at that time that the best choice for our immediate families in the short term was to maintain our separate households, Corne says.  He goes on to say, "On a personal level, this has not been an easy path for my wife and I to follow, but until recently it has continued to be seen by us both as the best choice for us under our particular circumstances."

Corne says after the death of Kelly's ex-husband, parental responsibilities were left largely to her.

During the last several months Kelly and I have continued to adjust to the differences in our families’ lives resulting from these changed
circumstances. After much discussion between us, it has become clear to us both at this juncture that what had been the best choice for us when we were first married is no longer suitable."

You can read the entire statement from Corne by clicking on the link above.
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