Corydon Mayor Stepping Down at End of Month

Mayor Philip Brewster resigned this week after being on the job for less than two years.
The town of Corydon is looking for a new mayor again less than two years after the previous mayor was removed. Mayor Philip Brewster is stepping down at the end of the month.  He says he couldn't do the job justice while working another job at the same time.

"It's not Henderson, it's not Evansville, or Louisville, or Frankfort. It's just a small town," says Corydon City Councilman Brian McCormic.

A small town with another big change in leadership.

"The first thought was sad that they can't maintain a government here," says Cheryl Stone of Corydon.

"It caught me totally by surprise," McCormic says. "It just seemed like things are going quite a bit better than they were with the last administration.  We're sound financially, we're in compliance with all our regulations and we know where everything is."

Brewster replaced  former mayor Larry Thurby, who was embroiled in scandal over missing funds and alleged abuse of power, two years ago.  Some residents like Stone say she understands Brewster's reasoning, but the repeated change makes some uneasy about going into office.

"It seems like it's happening over and over to the point where people are getting tired of it, and they don't want to try to get anyone in there," she says.

Residents say no matter who's the next mayor is, they hope it's for a long time.

"We need somebody to stay here, to take care of this city, make sure everything is run right, and gets their pay checks right," says Rita Nelson of Corydon.

"I like to see someone who really does want the position, and who really does want to work with other people of the government," Stone adds.

McCormic says the City Council could decide on a temporary mayor at its next meeting on May 1st.

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