Could You Pass the U.S. Citizenship Test?

Eyewitness News Joe Bird See How Well People from the Tristate Know U.S. History and Government

        The Tristate is preparing for Independence day celebrations, but do you know exactly what we are celebrating or even, what our country is built upon? Eyewitness News Joe Bird went to the Evansville river front with question in hand that come from the U.S. Citizenship test and asked people to see if they knew the answers.
Joe: We elect a presidents for how many years?
Answers: This is a good one / four years / four / four / probably uh.. / two years / four / four / two-hundred and twenty years, maybe?

Joe: What is the name of the vice president of the united states?
Answers: Oh i know the guys name / Joe Biden / Joe Biden / (sighs) I guess I have to pass, i don't know / Joe Biden? / I should know that! My name is Joe!

Joe: What month do we vote for the president?
Answers: Can i phone a friend? / October? / I'll go with march / um.. November.. the 3rd.. am i close? / November

Joe: What did the Declaration of Independence do?
Answers: It gave us sovereignty as a country. It gave us freedom from the taxation / wow.. what did it do? It done more than one thing, didn't it? / It declared our Independence from England / what did it do? I don't know.

Joe: What are two cabinet level positions?
Answers: Ugh / uh.. / Senator and Congressman? / I don't know
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