County, State Transportation Crews Saving on Salt

Road crews are taking measures to save on the amount of salt they use as another winter storm approaches.
Transportation officials in western Kentucky are concerned about the amount of salt they now have as this long winter drags on. Some are worried about running out of salt before spring arrives.

Just when we thought we were out, Mother Nature's about to pull us back in.

"Event, after event, after event."

All those events are taking a toll on county and state road crews.

"We're worried right now that we're going to run out," says Kerry Dame of the Henderson Co. Road Dept. It's taking a toll on his department's supplies and budget.  Henderson's one of several Kentucky counties having to mix sand with salt to conserve supplies and costs.

"We called a company up in Louisville and asked them the price of salt. It was $205 a ton. The company we've contracted with, we had a contract with them for $52 a ton," he says. "It's going to rob Peter to pay Paul. We'll going to have to take it out of our asphalt budget to pay for the salt to cover our ends."

Kentucky transportation officials say they have more than 11,000 tons of salt for this region, but may start putting less salt down.

"Normally, if we're going down the road, our trucks are putting down 400 to 450 pounds per mile. We may end up dialing it back to 250 to 300 pounds per mile," says Keith Todd of KYTC. As the Tri-State gets pulled back in, transportation officials hope this event is the last one.

"We're ready for spring," Todd says.

Dame adds they're considering using more brine to treat county roads next winter.

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