Crews Rescue Nine From Sinking Boat Near LST 325

They had to make two trips, but crews were able to rescue everyone on the sinking boat, and best of all, no one was hurt.
A water rescue on Evansville's Riverfront brings some tense moments for those doing the rescuing - and those being rescued.

Dispatch tells us the boat carrying at least nine people began to take on water near the LST 325.

Rescue crews arrived around 7:45 Sunday evening to reports of a boat taking on water.
When units arrived, they initially had trouble finding the boat because of conflicting sightings of its location.
Crews managed to find the boat about a half-mile upriver from the LST.
After using all of their boats, the fire department managed to get everyone off of the boat. But it took two trips to get everyone to dry land.   
The people on the boat said they were just cruising along when it started taking on water.

The water level was about thigh-high.

"We were using coolers, coolers to dump the water out. We called 911 obviously and they came down to pick the girls up," said Matthew Simon who was on the boat.

No one was injured; nine people were rescued.
Fire officials say their concern now is the partially submerged boat being in the middle of the channel. Because the boat was actually in Kentucky, the Coast Guard and Department of Natural Resources have taken over the case; for reporting purposes.

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