Cutting Coupons to Help Franklin Street Fire Victims

Raena Edwards and Zac Stutsman say they didn't mean to start a charity, it just kind of happened. The couple cuts coupons reaping huge savings. They buy household necessities and give them to homeless shelters. They're now helping the West Franklin St. fire victims as well.
Following a devastating fire is an embracing community ready to help in a variety of ways. Restaurants of West Franklin Street are asking for donations. They've already raised more than $1,000 and that number is climbing. Saturday friends and neighbors tried to fill an emotional hole with prayer at a candlelight vigil.

More donations continue to come in and one couple is finding a different way to make an impact, by cutting coupons. "I've always always wanted to do stuff to help other people, always. It's just a need I've had and that I've tried to do over the years. The 'couponing' has really allowed me to do that." Raena Edwards has a binder full of coupons. She gets them from stores, manufacturers, websites and apps. By combining the coupons she is allowed to buy shelves upon shelves of household items for just pennies on the dollar.
"We replenish this weekly, and it will get bigger, and we will help more if we can." Zac Stutsman says what started out as an easy way to save money at home turned into a fledgling charity "Baskets of Hope." Once a week Edwards and Stutsman pull from their stockpile of shampoo, conditioner, kleenexs, and soap, (among many other things) put it all in a basket, and send it to a homeless shelter. A small gesture that goes a long way for people in need, like the families who lost everything in the West Franklin Street fire. "These are necessities, but these are comfort things. These are things that would make people in a situation like that be comfortable," said Stutsman.

Comfort can come in many ways. Sometimes it can be relieving the worry of funeral costs, it can come with fellowship amongst friends, or fulfilling the simple needs of household items. No matter how comfort is felt some in Evansville are trying to bring that feeling to the fire victims of West Franklin.
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