Daylight Saving Changes This Weekend

Set your clocks back and change smoke detector batteries this weekend
        The constant tick-tock of a clock is a  reminder that time continues to move on. Century after century, many have suggested ideas on how to capture the extra hours of daylight during the summer. But who first came with up with the idea and why? The idea is generally credited to Benjamin Franklin when he suggested the idea in the late 1700s, but the current daylight saving time that most states observe was proposed 100 years later.

        Many thoughts exist as to why the change is done, such as helping farmers and conserving energy. Not everyone likes this change, with the biggest complaint being that one hour of sleep is lost overnight.

        With today's technology, many clocks adjust themselves. But what about mechanical clocks that don't rely on technology? Terry Dewig of Clocks of the World in Evansville says that mechanical clocks should be adjusted using the minute hand - not the hour hand. If you use the hour hand to adjust your clock, it can cause the clock not chime correctly.

        Thoughts of missing a few extra winks of sleep Saturday night is in our heads, but so should thoughts of safety while you sleep. This is a perfect time of the year to work on your smoke detectors, says Captain Larry Zuber of the Evansville Fire Department. Changing the batteries in your smoke detector only takes a few minutes. According to Captain Zuber, over 60 percent of fire deaths in homes are due to a smoke detector that did not work.   

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