Donations Restore Church's Burglarized Food Pantry

One week ago Chandler United Methodist's food pantry was nearly emptied. Donations from individuals, other churches, and businesses stock the pantry more than ever before.
Simple food items like cans of corn and Ramen Noodles make the world of difference to a family that's hungry. As of a week ago families that frequent the Chandler United Methodist food pantry were questioning if their weekly brown bag of necessities were going to be available after the pantry was burglarized.
"Everyone when they got food stolen out of here was wondering how we were going to operate the next week?" Glover Dockery, the church trustee, says he doesn't think too highly of anyone who would steal from a food pantry. "Well probably nothing you could put on TV." He says he suspects whoever stole the food was in desperate need, however that's no excuse. "If it's somebody that's really hungry you wouldn't feel bad about somebody stealing food if they're hungry. But on the other hand all they gotta do is come in here and we would give it to them," said Dockery.

Thanks to donations from individuals, other churches, and businesses 15 to 20 families in Chandler can still rely on their weekly bag of food. Today Action Pest Control donated $500 worth of food to the pantry. "A lot of people in this community who have fallen on hard times take advantage of the services offered by this church. We just thought we would be able to help continue their services," said Keith Smith.

Because so many donations have poured in since the burglary not only will the food pantry stay open it's more full now than it ever has been before.
"It just makes your heart feel good to know that people responded when you got a need like that," said Dockery.

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