Donut Bank Rolls Across River to Henderson

For nearly 50 years Donut Bank has been exclusively in the Hoosier state. The family owned business started with 3 employees in 1967, today it has 200. Growing so much it crossed state lines into the Commonwealth.
Donut Bank has been a staple in Evansville for many years, but will the donuts fill those boxes and bags in Henderson? For Donut Bank owner Ben Kempf it will be a new chapter. "We've seen the times when there was no line. We've seen the times when the phones didn't ring. That makes us appreciate even more now that the phone rings like crazy and there is a line in front of our showcases."
The business that started with three employees now has 200 and is reaching over the Ohio River into the Commonwealth. Opening another store in Henderson. "We've had a lot of Henderson customers come over across the bridge with their UK plates. We said hey we need a Donut Bank in Henderson. We thought it would be a great community to be apart of," said Kempf.
Joyce Mabrey and Wilma Crowder live in Henderson, but frequent the Evansville Donut Bank. "We're just tickled that it's open. We are. We've been waiting for it to open." In it's first full day of operation the Donut Bank has received a warm welcome. "It's good to support a new business in Henderson since a lot of businesses in Henderson have been closing," said Mitchell Corpe when trying Donut Bank for the first time.

The Donut Bank is the first business to open in this newly built strip mall. Some in Henderson are hoping the success of Donut Bank brings more locally owned businesses to town. "There's too many things leaving Henderson. It will bring back a lot of out businesses back here," said Crowder.
It's a new store in a new part of the Tri-State, but for Donut Bank owners it's another day carrying on the family business.
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