Dozens Rush to the Court House to Get Married

Twenty couples were married at the Henderson County Court House on Valentine's Day.
Many couples gave each other chocolates for Valentine's Day. But some gave each other wedding rings. Dozens of couples said i do at courthouses across the Tri-State today.

Waiting is hard. Whether its for an elevator or to get married.

"I guess it's never too late," says Ann Galusha, who was marrying Bill Galusha.  The two first met 47 years ago.

"He asked me to dance, and that was the start of everything," she says.

Though they met others, married, had kids, something was still there between them.

"She was in my life," Bill says. "The whole 47 years, we still loved each other. It changes you when you meet somebody you love."

"The second time around, we feel like love, and Valentine's Day is all about love," says Kim Wetherbee, who was marrying her fiance, Chad. The two couldn't wait  to get back together after more than a decade apart.

"In April of last year, we started talking on the computer and got back together, and now we're back together," she says.

For these two couples, this Valentine's Day was special for them and their family.

"I just called my dad to tell him we were getting married and he said, 'Well, Ann and I are planning to get married too. How about we just get married on the same day?' And I'm like fine, whatever Dad," Kim recalled.

"We called her up and she told me, 'We'll make it a double,'" Bill said.

"Jokingly, and it happened," Anna says.

Some waited years, others waited decades. But they all hope they don't have to keep waiting for true love.

"Don't ever say never. Because five years ago, I never thought I'd be here today," Wetherbee says.

Kim and Chad said there was quite a wait to get their marriage licenses today. In fact, they got theirs yesterday so that they didn't have to wait too long.
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