Easter Craft for Kids With Help From HANDS, Green River District Health Department

Easter Gift
DIY Easter Bunny Bag Activity

Supplies: 3 paper plates
A pair of scissors
Cotton wool balls (variety of colors)
Colorful ribbon
A stapler
Different items to decorate the bunny face
Bag stuffers (fake grass, eggs, treats, etc…)

Instructions:Draw a crescent shape like a moon on of the paper plates (1/3 of the plate) .

Holding 2 plates together (one with the crescent/ bunny ear shape showing) cut on the shapes.

Staple the bunny ears to the top of the remaining whole paper plate. (The back of the round plate must be facing outwards.)

Decorate your bunny!

Staple the off-cut plates from the bunny ears on the back of the cute bunny face. (the off-cut facing inwards)

Attach the ribbon to make a handle and you’re almost there.

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