Emergency Officials Next Winter Worry: Flooding

Emergency officials in Ohio County are concerned over more flooding from the melting ice and snow.
The ice and snow raising a different concern in western Kentucky: flooding. Emergency officials in Ohio County say nearly 20 state and county roads are partially covered with water because of flash flooding.

On occasion, the water rises and covers Highway 62 near Beaver Dam.

"It floods quite a bit."

As water goes up, so do the concerns of Paul Lindsey, who lives next to the road and the periodic flooding.

"A lot of people try to drive through there," he says. "State always put up high water signs, but people don't pay attention to it. They try to drive around them."

But emergency management officials say it could get bad again soon.  Twenty state and county roads were partially covered Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.  But emergency officials say the ground could get so saturated, these waters could rise again.

"Our roads can get very, very hazardous over the next few days," says Savanna Vaughn Of The Ohio County EMA. She says roads, like Highway 62, are vulnerable because melting ice and snow can raise water levels, raising the number of flooding problems.

"Even getting to and from Centertown, from those types of areas, lots of people work in our Beaver Dam area," Vaughn says. "So that causes lots of problems for emergency services and our community," she says.

The ice and snow remain on the ground, but so does the threat of the next occasion of flooding.

"I'll be glad when it's over," Lindsey says.

Emergency management officials say the county's emergency radio system was also down for nearly two hours early this morning because of the icy weather.
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