Employees Say Toyota Will Try to Lower Rising Healthcare Premium

Workers at Toyota, hired by the temp agency Aerotek, say Toyota was unaware healthcare premiums would rise around $200 per payment. Employees say Toyota will do everything it can to keep premiums low.
        Some workers in the Tri-State say the Affordable Care Act is making what was a manageable healthcare premium, now unaffordable.

        Workers at Toyota, that are hired through the temp agency Aerotek, tell Eyewitness News their healthcare premiums are increasing from about $50 to $250. "200 bucks a week, that's a hefty chunk. I don't care who you are 200 dollars a week is a hefty chunk." This Aerotek employee who did not want to be identified says the Affordable Care Act is to blame for his $200 premium rate increase. The Affordable Care act discourages any third party,in this case it would be Toyota, from paying a portion of a healthcare premium. "Previously Toyota paid 65% of Aerotek's health insurance to help out and now they aren't allowed to do that anymore. So that puts all of that money on us."

        Employees in this situation say they have three alternative options. Go to the Affordable Healthcare Website and try to find cheaper coverage through the marketplace. However open enrollment shutdown earlier this month. They could find insurance on their own or as a last resort go uninsured. "But for an entire family to go without insurance for so many months in a row it's a little risky."

        Employees in this situation say they are in a bind and running the danger of a family member needing medical attention and not having insurance is not a risk worth taking. "I don't know if I'm going to have to look for another job or if I'm going to have to try to find a part-time job elsewhere or figure out someway to offset the money that's going to be coming out now because of this."

        Employees at Aerotek tell me Toyota was unaware of the rate increase and the company will do everything it can to offset the cost. Employees say a premium increase is still expected, but not nearly as much as first thought.

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