Engineers Present Henderson Co. High School Traffic Study

School Board members met Monday in Henderson to address traffic flow at Henderson County High School.
School Board members meet Monday in Henderson to address ongoing problems with traffic flow at Henderson County High School. Earlier this year, the Henderson County School Board commissioned American Engineers, an Owensboro engineering company, to do a traffic study at the high school.

Engineers say the death of a student expedited the report. Bradley Randall was fatally struck by a car in January while crossing Garden Mile Road to get to class.

Monday a representative from American Engineers detailed several routes the school system could take improve traffic flow and safety. Engineers labeled the school's main entrance along Zion Road across from Larue Road as the "root cause" of traffic issues. They say the suggested changes are an attempt to mitigate the problems caused by that entryway and the activities that occur around it.

Superintendent Dr. Thomas Richey said it will take time to fully implement any plan, but encouraged members of the board to start taking steps to mitigate traffic problems now.

"Having that experience this year with a student it is, it's just a really critical situation that needs to be addressed," said Dr. Richey.

Engineers developed two final concepts, both with several options. The company says preliminary estimates suggest implementation of either concept would range from around $250- to 325-thousand. School officials would also have to coordinate with the Henderson City Commission for any improvements along Garden Mile Road.
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