EPA Response to Proposed Sewer Overhaul Released

We hear from the EPA on why Evansville's mandatory sewer overhaul project was not approved.


According to the EPA, Evansville is not doing enough.

We hear from the Environmental Protection Agency on why Evansville's mandatory  28-year, 540-million dollar sewer overhaul project was not approved.

In a detailed response, the EPA calls out the city's plan on several items most of them technical issues.

The agency claims Evansville's long term plan does not provide enough protection for people who use the Ohio River for recreation like swimming and boating.

Another issue, the EPA claims the city can afford to spend more money on the project, but acknowledges the burden on ratepayers is important and will take a closer look at how much more Evansville can spend.

The agency will meet with city officials next month.


A major setback for what is being called the largest capitol project in Evansville's history.

The EPA says the city's 28-year 540 million dollar plan to upgrade its sewer system isn't good enough.
The city says it received a 7 page document from the EPA which basically says the city can afford to do more.
Evansville leaders came up with the plan after the EPA filed a lawsuit claiming the city did not meet standards of the clean water act.

The primary problem with the city's sewer system is the number of combined sewers which combines storm and sanitary sewers.

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