Evansville Mayor Makes Recommendations for 2015 City Budget

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke gave an overview of his suggestions the 2015 Evansville Budget Plan.
Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke went to the city council with recommendations he feels should be included in the 20-15 budget plan. There are a number of new items proposed in the 20-15 budget. Today Mayor Winnecke shared his wish list with the council. Public safety and transparency topped the list.
 "It's difficult deciding how to spend the resources that the tax payers provide us. We take it seriously", said the Mayor. The mayor revenue from the river boat could help fund this plan.
"There are all kinds of funding that will keep Evansville moving forward", he said.
First and foremost on the agenda; public safety.  A suggestion was made to fund 30 new squad cars and a fire truck for the city.
Shot Spotter sensors have also been included in the budget,They can detect and report  gunshots in specific locations.
"The idea is that we can get officers to a scene much much quicker", he added. 
Encouraging community engagement and providing transparency is important to Winnecke's administration. 
Tax payers could see a new user friendly website with city meetings, budgets and agendas.
The mayor is also supporting what a lot of residents have been passionate about; building Roberts Park and improvements to the Mezker Park Amphitheater.
"They want to see some activity, I want to see some activity but, I certainly do respect the fact that we do have limited resources. "
Throughout the week there will be meetings to discuss funding for various agencies. The hearings are open to the public and will continue through Friday. A list of those meetings are attached to this article.
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