Evansville Police Sergeant Takes a Ride of Faith

An EPD sergeant is riding his bike from Evansville to Orlando to raise money for a local charity.
He's taking a leap of faith- or rather, a ride of faith.  Sergeant Brian Talsma, a 19 year veteran of the Evansville Police Department will be riding his bicycle 1,000 miles from Evansville to Orlando, Florida. "I'm just trying not to think about the mountains. That's what scares me the most about the ride!" Brian says.
Brian will have to average 50 miles a day for his month long ride. But what drives him is that he's doing it all to raise awareness and funds for the House of Hope, Southwestern Indiana.

Marcia Mills of House of Hope says, "What Brian is doing, to me, is very sacrificial, and I really admire that. It's all about his passion for this ministry."    

House of Hope is an organization to help troubled teens.  Brian explains, "They don't really know a better path, they don't know another path. They see the world they're in, and they think, that's it!" 
Those who know him say Brian is the perfect role model for the teens.  He started his career as a military police officer, working at the Pentagon.  Brian now has a family of his own, and is the father to a teenage boy, Cole.     His passion to help Evansville's youth was sparked by his late friend and fellow officer, Nathan Schroer.  "Through everything he went through with leukemia, as time went on for Nathan, he drew closer to the Lord," Brian says.
Brian says his own relationship with God is the reason for not only his ride but the way he lives his life.  "You've gotta believe that you're working toward something, that you're here for a purpose, and that you were put here for a purpose."
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