Evansville Regional Airport Adding Flights to Major International Airport

Starting this fall Evansville Regional Airport will offer three flights a day to and from Charlotte's International Airport.
Evansville Regional Airport and the business community convinced American Airlines to add new flights to Charlotte Douglas International Airport. An American Airlines representative says the business community was a big reason for the new flights and it will play a major role in the sustaining them. "They are very aggressive in terms of reaching out to their business community. Getting commitments from the business community and people to buy on. As you can see from the attendance there today key business leaders were here and they've committed to use the service," said Dale Morris of American Airlines.
A frequent business flier says the flight pattern is very business friendly. Three daily flights adds much needed flexibility to business schedules. "I think that absolutely would be important for business travelers because there's so many flights that are cancelled. The more options you have of getting to Evansville and adding three flights a day would give you three more options because things happen," said Tom Siskron.
An Evansville travel agents says the Charlotte flights are not only good for businesses, but also for family vacations. "It's good one stop connections even to Europe. If someone is wanting to visit Europe to fly Evansville-Charlotte you can make one stop and hit Dublin, Rome, London. So there's a lot of choices there," said Connie Corbett of Ambassador Travel.
The air travel business has taken it's hits over the past decade, but adding a new flight service in Evansville shows how competitive the city is becoming. "When Toyota adds jobs, when we're getting new industry, the IU Medical School, the new hotel, all of these good positive economic stories show that the community is thriving and growing and forward thinking," said Dianna Page of Evansville Regional Airport.

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