Exotic Animals Race at Ellis Park

Ostriches and zebras on the card this year for the exotic animal races at Ellis Park.
        Ellis Park's annual exotic animal races were just a little bit different this year. Usually it's ostriches and camels. This year the ostriches are still there, but zebras join the mix.
The ostriches are off. And some jockeys off off too. But what do you expect? You can't really steer a bird.
"There's no way to steer them," says Rafael Moijica. "Wherever they want to go you have to go with them. Hold on, just keep going and try to stay on."
"It's actually a lot of fun man. At first you don't know what to expect," says winner Casey Orm.  "They're sitting in there and they're getting a little anxious at the gate, but uh, it's a lot of fun man. Kind of just sit chilly and he did everything for us, so ain't not a lot we can do. It's kinda like when you're sitting on a good horse, you know. They do it for you."
The rider is dressed as, yes, a zebra. But you may remember him from last year as the Iron Sheik on a camel.
"I never seen a zebra riding another zebra," Moijica adds uncomfortably. "Really hot costume. We did it for fun, we did it for the people, for the public. They really have fun. And I enjoy to do this for the people."

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