Family Asking for Witnesses to Point Out Shooter

Demetrius Fingers was shot seven times on Blackford Avenue in Evansville Friday night. Fingers' family is asking for anyone with information to call police.
Demetrius Fingers' uncle says he was shocked to hear his nephew was shot and he's also disappointed more people aren't coming forward with information about who carried out the shooting. "I think that it's just sad man that there's so much killing going on and nobody's saying anything about what's going on. I mean what are they afraid of," Danny Thomas. His nephew Demetrius Fingers was shot seven times just before nine o'clock Friday night. "Demetrius was more like a son to me than he was a nephew."
Evansville Police combed through the crime scene on Blackford Avenue trying to shine some light on a clue that could lead them to the triggerman. So far no arrests have been made and the family is pleading for witnesses to come forward. "If you want to put a stop to this the only way we're going to put a stop to it is if people start speaking up. It's not saying that you're a snitch it's just that you're protecting family or protecting your loved ones," said Thomas.
Fingers' condition is still unknown. Thomas says when the family went to visit Demetrius in the hospital they were told no information could be released which is not uncommon for someone in the hospital under these circumstances. Thomas says it's the unknown that hurts the most which is why he's turning his worries over to a higher power. "I'm just praying to God. That God keeps his hands wrapped around him and give him the strength to work his way to where he was at before this incident happened."
Evansville Police is asking for anyone with information to call 1-800-78-CRIME
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