Fireworks Scare Prompts Discussion of City Law

A fireworks scare Tuesday night in Evansville has city council considering restricting when fireworks can be set-off.
The Evansville Police Department was called to Tekoppel and the Lloyd for some sort of explosion Tuesday night.
We're told it was a modified firework that caused people in the area to panic. Police have been responding to fireworks complaints for weeks.

The Evansville City Council is trying to do something about the prevalence of fireworks.
On Monday some city council members talked about restricting fireworks to just one weekend around the 4th of July, but that would violate state law.  
That state law allows people to set off fireworks between the hours of 5PM and two hours after sunset for ten days surrounding July 4th.
City Council President John Friend says the council was not aware on Monday that they could not restrict the days any further. He says they will now reach out to state lawmakers to see what can be done.
Mark Hisle owns about a dozen stores that sell fireworks around the Tristate. He says the industry depends on mother nature, and the ten days around the 4th of July are very important for business.

"As an industry that would, I mean, that would be very hurtful and we employ a lot of people, but to ask us to put all of our eggs in that one little weekend basket, as far as allowing people to use the products that we sell… That would, that would be a dagger," said Mark.

He also says the council should focus on enforcing the current laws and go after violators.

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