First Check-In Day at USI

New Students Move in Today at USI

        The sounds of moving in can be heard all across USI's campus. Though many cars were parked around campus, getting on campus wasn't a big issue. Student Rebecca Jennings says she had a little bit of a wait, but it wasn't hard to get into campus. She said the little wait she had was hard because she was excited to arrive.  Student Austin Enright agrees saying getting in was really quick and everything was organized very well.

        Everyone was glad to see campus volunteers helping students move in because mother nature cranked up the heat. Jennings says she liked being inside the building where it was cool, but Enright is used to this type of water. Being from Spencer county, he says today's temperatures were hot, but bearable.

        It can be hard to move into a new home, but Jennings isn't worried. She says she is excited because she will be sharing a room with her sister and feels that will help with her home sickness. For other students, though, moving away from home is an adventure. Enright says he will have a lot more freedom and that he'll have to be more reliable and stay organized.

        A campus official says they expect a little over 900 students to be at today's check-in. Students that are returning to campus this academic year will move in over the weekend.
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