First Property Declared Crime Free by Evansville Police

The first property in the city of Evansville is certified by police as crime free.
The first property in the city of Evansville is certified by police as crime free.

EPD awarded property owner Tim Bray a gold certificate for completing all phases of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program.

The voluntary program consists of a seminar followed by a police inspection of the property. Then finally a community meeting with police, tenants, and landlords.

Both Bray and police say this is good for everyone especially the tenants.

"I figured that's a big value to our customers, our tenants," said Bray. "So, they will feel safer when they are in their property, in their homes, and safer when they're out of their homes and their property would be secured."

"What we're trying to do is reduce the call volume at different rental properties," said Eric Krogman of EPD, "and at the same time reduce the call volume we're improving the quality of life for the people that live there and the surrounding properties that are around those."

The program, which is only for rental properties, was started in January 2013. It trains landlords on how to properly screen potentially troublesome tenants and how to make their properties safer overall.
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