Flower of Values Craft For Parents and Kids

Jennifer Chappell from HANDS gives parents advice and a craft project to do with their kids.
Why Do This Activity

For families to recognize and explore the values they have in common
To develop a foundation for building a stronger family
To make a plan for putting desired values into daily practice
To support families in increasing the number of values they share for building a stronger family


List of various family values
Cardboard/Construction paper
Colored Markers

How To Do ‘Flower of Values’

Decided on 10 family values
Use a variety of colored paper to make a flower on a solid sheet of paper
(8 petals and 2 leaves only)
Place values on petals and leaves
(The 2 values placed on the leaves should be the ones that are important to family, but need to be practiced more on a daily basis.)
Glue magnet on the back of Activity and place on refrigerator.

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