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Four Generations Deliver Flowers on Valentine's Day

O'Daniel's Flower Shop of Henderson have been in business for 52 years. Valentine's Day is the most important Holiday to their business.
Henderson, KY. - Flower deliveries here in the tri-state were in jeopardy as that wintry mixed moved in today.Flower shops had a busy morning trying to get the deliveries out in time.

"Red is love, Yellow is friendship, Pink is for passion".

Passion is a word that best describes what the O'Daniel family puts into its work at this Henderson Flower Shop.Each Valentine's Day Rick O'Daniel cuts and trims thousands of flowers and he has the scars to proof it.

"War scars yeah!" O'Daniel says, while chuckling.

The shop has been in the family for 52 years.

"He said we're gonna have to start treating Valentine's like a major holiday!"

Prolific words from Bettye O'Daniel's husband; the shop's founder. The matriarch of the family says Valentine's Day was simply not a major holiday when the store opened in the 1960's.Now it's one of the busiest holidays of the year and they take extra measures to ensure successful deliveries.

"Today it's a little different because the weather is supposed to get bad. We had to get the schools taken care of and make sure they were there before the schools let out", says Rick O'Daniel.

For that to a happen family members lent a helping hand.

"I've got nieces and cousins and everybody else working today", he added. "We come here and we work 7:30 to 5:00 p.m. and we basically just deliver flowers downtown", says Darby Onan.

Four generations on deck; working hard to beat the inclement weather and fulfill orders of love.

"There's no better way to say I love you and everytime you order flowers we realize we're sending your emotions with them. We take good care of it", says Rick O'Daniel.

Taking good care of people on a day they reserve to share their love; despite rain, sleet or snow.

"We're here for people that are sad, we do a service, we love days like today, everybody's happy" added Bettye O'Daniel.

The shop owner says they had to order flowers at least a month in advance ahead of valentine's day.Hopefully those all got to their destinations in time.

Report by Fadia Patterson

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